16" Weekender


Swivel Hanger
Twisted Hanger
Belden Hanger

The 16" Weekender liner (which can hold 745.42 cubic inches of soil) is perfect for quick seasonal change outs, since the outer pot can be used all year round, and for easy fall clean up. The Weekender is perfect for municipalities and commercial projects that have weight restrictions for their poles. Available in black, white, forest green, sea foam green, terracotta, and sand with three hanger options.

  • 16.1" Diameter (14.5" inner diameter)
  • Weighs 30-40 lbs (soil, water, plants)
  • 1 gallon water reservoir
  • Withstands head to 220-degrees F and cold to -40-degrees F.
  • Overflow feature to prevent over watering
  • Hanger options: Three strand swivel straight wire, Three strand twisted wire or Belden patented flexible wire
  • Ships 12 per carton
  • 100% recyclable
  • Extra liners and wicks available