Our Roots Run Deep in the Greenhouse Industry

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Learn About the Life of H2O Labor Saver

Eckert's Greenhouse, established in 1957, is a family-owned and operated greenhouse in Michigan. We value our retail customers and our commercial customers alike. We are dedicated to helping both find solutions to their plant and landscape needs. In 2008 we came upon a problem; we had contracts with cities to provide hanging flower baskets in downtown developments or near offices but many cities now had restrictions on daily watering.

The owner of Eckert's Greenhouse, Karl Eckert, was inspired to find a solution to this challenging problem. He began working diligently with a tier-one automotive supplier, and the 23" H2O Labor Saver was born. Made for commercial applications the Labor Saver brought about the ability to help save on water, labor and- with its 10-year guarantee- money for cities. It was a win-win solution for all.

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In 2009, our customers asked us about a basket that would help keep plants irrigated during their "long weekend" get-a-ways. The 16" Weekender was created and gone was the worry about their beautiful hanging baskets while they were away. It gave our customers the added benefit to save on water costs, too. We soon realized that the Weekender could also solve a problem for cities, municipalities, and commercial applications that had weight restrictions for their poles; another win-win!

Yet another opportunity came to our attention when some cities didn't have the proper pole hangers to handle the weight from our containers. We were fortunate to find great quality Amish inspired iron supports made by fabricators in Ohio and in Michigan. These two locations are so close, we found we had the opportunity to order custom iron for our customers.

Six years later in 2015 requests came to us for a container, with the same application as our Weekender and Labor Saver, that would wrap around a pole. With the help of the same automotive supplier, the 28" Wrap Around was invented! All of our containers are Michigan made and patented using the latest technology.