Updates + Testimonials

Testimonial from Mostardi Nursery - Newton Square, PA

“Thanks in part to Eckert’s Water Saver containers, our community has been awarded “Best Hanging Planter Display” in our category for the American In Bloom program. We grow 150 of the planters each year, and over the 5-year period that we have produced them, they have continued to be reused each year and perform without a problem. They are a key factor in the success of our program.”

- Steve Mostardi PCH, Mostardi Nursery

Testimonial from Castle Rock, WA

“In Castle Rock Washington, we have planted an ever increasing number of H2O Labor Saver baskets for 6 years. We began with just a few (12) along with our traditional 10 gallon ‘city basket’ containers. We have added baskets each...

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